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ELMLE 2013

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Design Thinking in the Middle

European League for Middle Level Education (ELMLE)

Pre-Conference Workshop  |  Rome, Italy  |  January 24, 2013


John Nash  |  john.nash@uky.edu  | twitter.com/jnash  |  dlab.uky.edu

Jennifer Rhodes  | jennifer.rhodes@ismonaco.com  | twitter.com/jrhodesism  |  ismonaco.com


Workshop Outline

Participants work on three successively risky and realistic design challenges illustrating the design thinking process: empathy, user focus, brainstorming, prototyping and feedback. 


Online Flyer


Poster [PDF]

Full color poster, suitable for 11 in x 17 in printing.




Low Risk Challenge

The Marshmallow Challenge [site]


Mindsets We Hope to Impart

7 Mindsets [PDF of Jenn's slideset]


Medium Risk Challenge

Redesigning the Gift Giving Experience [from Stanford's dSchool]




Higher Risk Challenge

With 8 middle level students from American Overseas School of Rome. 

Design Thinking and Differentiation: Designing with Students [PDF workbook from us]



Why Notice: Tim Brown explains

Moleskin Notebooks for All

Looking, Seeing & Noticing


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